An Englishmans Home
The entrance to Cardew Lodge

Features of Cardew Lodge

The Buildings - Take a look at the many unique buildings that can be found within the grounds.
Cardew Lodge Buildings

The Gardens - View the extensive orchard, landscaped and vegetable gardens.

Cardew Lodge Gardens

Swimming Pool Hire - Cardew Lodge swimming pool is available for private hire.
Cardew Lodge Pool

The buildings of Cardew Lodge

The turreted tower structure is repeated with twin towers at the end of the drive approaching the house, one of which is occupied and named Gardeners Cottage and the other is the original harness room attached to the Stable buildings.

View of the main house

View of the main house

An Ice House was built into the basement of the tower on the house and one floor of the two storey tower was fitted out as a circular library.

The rustic hanging house

View of the hanging house

A rustic Hanging House is a feature in the grounds which relates back to the original use of the house as a Victorian Hunting Lodge. The game shot by the guests would be hung there.